The Value of Workforce Analytics

According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, 94% of best-in-class organizations leverage behavior assessments, compared to just 65% of all others. If you’re a business owner or executive, HR or hiring manager, project manager or team leader, I/O psychologist, or employee, behavioral data and workforce analytics are critical to finding, placing, and developing your people in roles for which they are most naturally suited to succeed.

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How We Differ

Our scientific rigor, four-part methodology, and universal applicability are part of what makes us excel at workforce analytics. We help performance-driven companies become more data driven and change the way they leverage individuals and teams. You benefit from global best practices, 50+ years of expertise and a unique methodology that creates measurable results through custom analytics.

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Our Methodology

Skills Diagram
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The Predictive Index® system, the Selling Skills system, and the Influencing Skills system leverage our core methodology, which includes:

  • Data: science-based assessments that accurately measure workplace behaviors and skills.
  • Technology: online solutions that allow you to administer, view, compare, and organize assessments and assessment data whenever and wherever you want.
  • Knowledge: integrated instruction that teaches you how to interpret and turn assessment data and insights into workplace strategies.
  • Expertise: ongoing client service, delivered through our global organization of 45 member firms representing 400 management and leadership consultants.

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Our Focus Areas

Focus Area Diagram
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Our solutions target four Focus Areas of business need:

  • Talent Acquisition: Find and hire the right people
  • Talent Development: Build teams and develop leaders
  • Change Management: Build trust and manage transitions
  • Growth Strategy: Improve productivity and drive revenue

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