Our Solution Suites

We offer two solution suites: the Behavior Suite, which includes the Predictive Index® system, and the Skill Suite, which includes the Selling Skills system, and the Influencing Skills system.

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Predictive Index System

Our Predictive Index system is anchored by the Predictive Index, an assessment of workplace behavior that is completed by more than 2 million people every year. Gain insights into the motivating drives and behaviors that are essential for maximizing success in the workplace. Armed with in-depth expertise and dynamic data, you can optimize your ability to attract, select, onboard, develop, and retain high performers at every level of your organization.

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Selling Skills System

Our Selling Skills system is based on our popular Customer-Focused Selling methodology and helps individuals and teams rapidly develop key skills that improve performance and impact the bottom line. Our Selling Skills development approach includes a baseline assessment of skills proficiency, skills development training, applied changes in specific behaviors related to those skills, and a retest that allows you to quantify improvement.

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Influencing Skills System

Our Influencing Skills system helps clients quantify and improve the skills needed to help functional leaders and groups in any organization compete successfully for top management’s limited time and attention. Effective managers successfully influence people to adopt ideas and rally around products and plans to foster a more harmonious, productive working environment where everyone is contributing to achieve a common goal.

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