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Time to Intelligently Manage Change

Organizations that understand how to communicate and implement change in step with the behavioral needs of their employees are poised for success. This HCI webcast will clue you in on scientific methods to gauge the change tolerance of your workforce to better equip you for success in the long run.

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Human Capital: The Key Frontier of Competitive Advantage

In this webinar, PI Worldwide’s CEO, Mike Zani, looks at human capital through the lens of Six Sigma and demonstrates how to decode humans to predict workplace performance and improve hiring and promotion success.

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Your Great is Average

In this webinar, PI Worldwide’s Matt Poepsel, Ph.D. and Greg Barnett, Ph.D. explore the results of the Talent Acquisition and Retention Trends survey conducted by PI Worldwide.

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Driving Talent Acceleration through Leadership Readiness

Learn how to mitigate risks and take the guesswork out of identifying and nurturing leadership potential. In this HCI webcast, Kip Kelly of UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School and Mike Stewart of Predictive Group take an in-depth look at the current state of leadership and the talent development process.

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How to Decode the Talent DNA of Gen X, Y and Z

In this HCI webcast, leading generational expert and NY Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Dan Schawbel shares his research into the millennial mind to help address the question, “What do younger workers really want?”

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Navigating the World of Talent Assessments: What Matters Most?

In this HCI webcast, Dr. Fritz Drasgow, renowned I/O psychologist, professor and Dean at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, dives into how your organization can improve key business metrics through talent data and analytics.

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How to Identify and Leverage Your Top Talent Using Data-Driven Methods

In this HCI webcast, Tanger’s HR leaders will discuss how they have taken the guesswork out of hiring, developing and retaining top performers by harnessing individual and group-level talent analytics.

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How Data-Driven Coaching Can Accelerate Sales Performance

Learn how to pinpoint precisely what reps need to improve and sustain performance, and where managers should invest time and energy to get desired sales results.

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Data-Driven Strategies to Optimize the Workforce – The Kindred Healthcare Story

In this HCI podcast, Jeff Jasnoff, Senior VP of HR at Kindred Healthcare, discusses how the Predictive Index is used to support strategic workforce goals.

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Building a High Impact Healthcare Organization With Talent Analytics

Examine the benefits of leveraging workforce analytics to attract and retain top talent, strengthen job fit and manage change in a complex healthcare environment. In this webinar, Monica M. Wearren, Organizational Development & Engagement Manager, American Health Network, Inc. and Jeff Jasnoff, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Kindred Healthcare, reveal their data-driven strategies for using analytics to enhance future patient outcomes and drive business results.

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The Five Essential Steps for Developing Better Leaders

Learn how to introduce coaching as a competency into your organization or achieve more consistent results from your coaching efforts. In this webinar, Michelle Kozin and Matt Poepsel, Ph.D. of PI Worldwide discuss the use of data-driven coaching to support an effective talent development strategy.

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Change, Culture & Conflict: Using Workforce Analytics to Navigate Organizational Change

Learn how to prepare for, execute and sustain change in your organization. In this webinar, Michelle Kozin and Matt Poepsel, Ph.D. of PI Worldwide, along with their guest Debbie Slocum, Director of Human Resources at Husqvarna Construction Products, examine the role behavior plays in culture, conflict and communication during times of corporate change.

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Avoiding the Seven Mistakes That Lead to a Bad Hire

Take the guesswork out of the hiring process with a science-based, predictive method for finding, placing, and developing people in the roles for which they are most naturally suited to succeed. In this webinar, Michelle Kozin and Matt Poepsel, Ph.D. of PI Worldwide examine the stages of the talent acquisition process – including finding, assessing, acquiring and onboarding talent – and discuss how you can more successfully and reliably hire the talent your company needs to meet its growth goals.

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Understanding and Applying Workforce Analytics for Strategic Sales Growth

In this Webinar broadcast by The Human Capital Institute (HCI), executives from RBH, AutoNation and Husqvarna share their strategies and successes in using workforce analytics. Hear how, by using behavior and skill data, combined with analytics and business expertise, these high-performing companies are finding, placing, and developing their people in roles for which they are most naturally suited to succeed.

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Why Do Some Teams Succeed and Some Struggle? The Role of Behavioral Data to Develop High Performing Teams

Why do so some teams get excellent results while other seemingly similar teams struggle?

There are many documented reasons why teams succeed, and why teams fail. Most of them are based on a team’s ability to develop strong relationships, build trust and common vision. Studies have shown that teams are most creative and productive when they achieve high levels of participation, cooperation and collaboration – all interactive behaviors.

This webinar broadcast by the Human Capital Institute (HCI), executives from Newcap Radio and Media as well as Remy International Inc. shared essential characteristics of teams and the key elements of high performing teams, focusing in on the critical components of team personality/culture, diversity to encourage creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, trust and respect.

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Business Application Case: Miami Children’s Hospital Recruitment and Team Building

In this webinar, originally broadcast by the Human Capital Institute (HCI) as part of an hour-long event exploring the use of personality assessments across the employee lifecycles, Miami Children’s Hospital Chief Talent Officer Michael Kushner shares how the hospital built an HR program from the ground up. Using the Predictive Index® behavioral assessment to tackle recruitment and team building challenges, Miami Children’s reduced their first year turnover from a high of 70% in 2007 to a low of 14% in 2012.

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The Personality-Productivity Connection: Using Personality Assessments across the Employee Lifecycle

In this Webinar broadcast by The Human Capital Institute (HCI), executives from Signature HealthCARE, Miami Children’s Hospital and Brown-Forman share their strategies and successes in using behavioral data to improve their people practices. From selection and team effectiveness to the development of senior HiPo talent, the session proved that assessments deliver a competitive advantage for many organizations with regards to talent management goals.

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Scientific Selling: Creating High Performance Sales Teams through Applied Psychology and Testing

Nancy Martini, President and CEO of PI Worldwide, keynotes the Sales Management 2.0 Conference, educating attendees on how to apply concrete science to demystify sales success and drive performance of sales teams—both key concepts of her book by the same title.

Watch an excerpt from Nancy’s presentation that explains how to use science driven data for effective sales leadership. This 8 minute clip includes an example of how to use behavioral and sales skills data to understand how your sales people achieve their results and to provide a clear roadmap of getting them to the next level.

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HCI Interview with Nancy Martini: Talent Acquisition’s Expanded Role and the Application of Behavioral Data

In this interview with the Human Capital Institute, PI Worldwide President and CEO Nancy Martini discusses the global talent shortage and how expanding the talent acquisition leader’s involvement across the employee life cycle can increase retention and create a strong talent pipeline.

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Q&A with Nancy Martini: Sales Management in the New Normal

Selling Power TV interviews PI Worldwide President and CEO Nancy Martini about the opportunities and complexities of managing sales teams in today’s business and economic environment.

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Coaching for Outstanding Sales Results

Nancy Martini shares how sales analytics provide managers with the insight to coach their team for outstanding sales results.

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Selecting Sales Training that Works

Nancy Martini offers valuable tips for choosing the right sales training to benefit your reps and the organization.

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