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spherionSpherion® is a staffing and recruiting firm that has been recognized by the Franchise Research Institute® as a World-Class franchisor™ for five consecutive years. As an industry pioneer for over 60 years, it is one of the nation’s largest employers serving the workforce through a network of offices across the United States and Canada. Using the Predictive Index® system, Spherion has optimized employee selection and development.

“It’s easy to be wowed by someone in an interview or by their references, but the PI® is what really shows you what this person will bring to the table and how you will need to manage them.”

“When I entered the market, I think my franchise soon rose ahead of our competitors because I had the understanding of the Predictive Index to help guide my hiring decisions. Using PI, I was able to build a strong team that would push the business forward. Today, I can’t imagine running my business without it.”

Jill Berg

“In a franchise community, tools are accepted or rejected based on results – PI is accepted! Our franchisees rely on PI to make the internal hiring decisions possible and use PI results in team building and team alignment.”

Sandy Mazur
Vice President of Franchise Division

logo-keyes-300x129Keyes Motors is a privately held dealer group consisting of nine dealerships in three states – California, Arizona and Nevada. Today they employ approximately 900 people and generate over a billion dollars a year in sales. Against industry norms, Keyes has been able to achieve an overall retention rate of almost 50% a year, largely due to their use of Predictive Index.

“There is no question about it, we are better today because of our people. The Predictive Index is a big part of that. PI gives you the insight to make a good hire.”

“Without PI, you are going strictly on a conversation in that interview. Keyes Motors uses the Predictive Index to ‘read between the lines’. The Predictive Index can tell me if a candidate is going to be uncomfortable in the sales environment or if they will have the patience to handle an office job. It’s an invaluable tool.”

Howard Tenenbaum
Vice President and Partner

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SCIn 1936, 14 Charleston Navy Yard employees contributed five dollars each to form what is now known as South Carolina Federal Credit Union (SCFCU). The credit union has experienced phenomenal growth since its beginnings; today, SCFCU has over $915 million in assets, more than 130,000 members, a total of 363 employees staffing its headquarters, as well as 15 branches in Charleston, Columbia and Georgetown, SC. With the guidance of the Predictive Index, SCFCU has driven sales success through cultural change.

“As a behavioral survey, the Predictive Index is right on. The PI helps us get the right people in the right positions, and this has led to many positive changes.”

Dawn Rumney
Senior Vice President of Human Resources

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vnaSince its inception in 1898, the Visiting Nurse Association of Northern New Jersey (VNA) has been at the forefront of addressing major public health concerns and has established itself as one of the state’s leading comprehensive home care providers. In fact, the VNA made more than 144,000 visits last year and achieved patient outcomes and satisfaction levels that were among the best in the state. The introduction of the Predictive Index has reduced turnover by over 50 percent, enhancing health care quality and the company’s profitability.

“PI is a superior tool for better understanding our people and ensuring that they are innovative and on forward-thinking career paths which are mutually beneficial for them and our organization and ultimately for the clients that we serve. The PI has been an integral contributor to the creation of effective, efficient structured human resource processes and we are reaping many benefits from its use.”

Faith F. Scott

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bencodentalFounded in 1930 by Benjamin Cohen, Benco Dental sells supplies, equipment, and practice consulting to dentists throughout the U.S. Benco has 850 employees in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, as well as in New England, the South, and the Midwest. Using Predictive Index®, the dental distributor has saved over a half million dollars in hiring, wages, and productivity costs by reducing turnover.

“PI has been a real success for us. We now have an effective hiring and management strategy for each role in the company.”

Chuck Cohen

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mbkMBK Senior Living, a leader in the assisted living industry, has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in Healthcare in 2009” by Modern Healthcare Magazine. This designation validates their efforts to create a workplace of truly inspired people, committed to serving their clients. This thriving company attributes much of its success to Predictive Index.

“I’ve used Predictive Index since 1985, and have long since been a real believer in the positive impact PI can make in the workplace.”

“It’s imperative for my organization to have the right people in the right jobs. There is no question that PI has been instrumental in doing that at MBK Senior Living. PI is also a critical tool in understanding individual work styles, as well as building and coaching teams to work effectively with each other, which ultimately leads to greater job satisfaction and retention. Using PI, we can ensure that employees are aligned with a job that best fits their behavioral style.”

“In working to continuously improve our business, our managers use PI to study their team’s PI profiles to identify the different communication styles that may complement or conflict with each other. PI has been extremely valuable to team building, job alignment, and performance.”

“With so many applications, hiring is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the capability and the benefit of using Predictive Index.”

Terry Howard

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momVirginia-based Mom Made® Foods is the leading brand of frozen organic children’s food in the Mid-Atlantic States with broad distribution through national retailers like Whole Foods, Giant Eagle and online magnet, Amazon.com. When the company began to experience rapid business growth in 2010, CEO Heather Stouffer used Predictive Index to make a critical executive hire. In the six months following the hire, sales increased by ten-fold.

“As a growing company, we cannot afford to make any mistakes in hiring. The PI enabled us to identify the right sales executive who has increased sales by 1000%, in less than six months.”

“The PI provided a purely objective assessment of each candidate from a behavioral standpoint that could not be influenced by subjective factors like who they know, what brands they’ve worked with, and other elements that can often complicate a hiring decision.”

Heather Stouffer

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pennstatePenn State Hospitality Services provide comfort and convenience to campus visitors. Whether choosing the colonial-style Nittany Lion Inn or the understated luxury of The Penn Stater, guests will experience the best in hospitality.

“Since implementing the Predictive Index system and putting employees into jobs they are naturally suited for, our turnover was reduced from a low of 70% to an average of 42%, with four locations down to 32%, saving more than $15,000 a year in training costs alone. And because we have the right people in the right roles, it is having a positive impact on customer service and customer return visits. The Predictive Index system pays for itself.”

“Any franchiser that invests in the Predictive Index system will see turnover diminish. As a screening tool, it has made our hiring process more productive by enabling us to hire people who we know will stay on board long term. This method has certainly increased our retention and lowered our training costs.”

Jim Purdum
General Manager of Hospitality Services

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LE_LogoLacks Wheel Trim Systems, Inc., a division of Lacks Enterprises, Inc, is an automotive wheel components supplier. Lacks Enterprises was founded in 1961, and employs more than 2,000 people dedicated to delivering excellent service and value-added automotive solutions. The use of Predictive Index allowed Lacks to realign resources with the changing needs of the corporation, leading to improved communication and growth.

“PI helps forge communication, and provides us with a common language to communicate about individual behaviors and work styles. Most importantly, PI has helped us align our organization for future growth and success.”

“We needed a management tool, and the Predictive Index (PI) provided the most versatility. It’s not just a hiring tool. PI can be used for other management applications such as employee development, coaching and conflict resolution.”

“PI has given us the objective criteria to evaluate all of our HR employees, and make more effective staffing decisions across the team. More importantly, PI helped us gain valuable insight in determining how to best utilize resources for future organizational growth.”

“PI is a very powerful organizational tool. It helps teams uncover workplace behaviors that were not readily apparent before.”

Shelley Ramirez
Human Resources Manager

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earnardtEarnhardt Auto Centers sells more vehicles per dealership than any other in the country. Since its humble beginnings, Earnhardt Auto Centers has grown to ten dealerships generating over one billion dollars in annual retail sales, selling over 27,000 cars in 2003, and employing over 2000 people. Predictive Index has led to the retention of employees with strong job fit, leading to higher customer satisfaction ratings.

“PI provides us the tools we need to match the right person to a position. When we do that, we keep those people longer and we treat our customers better. When you have happier customers, you are selling more and making more.”

“We’ve used PI as our tool to put those service teams together and those teams work better together; they finish cars faster. Our customer satisfaction scores at those dealerships have gone up AND stabilized.”

Dave O’Brien
Corporate Performance Coach

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lazboyLa-Z-Boy Inc. is an international retail furniture company with major distribution throughout North America. Corporate annual revenues exceed $2 billion per year. The firm, which consists 200 employees, has built a successful sales team based on the science of Predictive Index.

“By using the Predictive Index as an interview tool, I was able to hire the people whose personalities fit the requirements of the job and the needs of the company. Not only did we begin to hire smarter, but also we made employees happier by better placing them in positions that matched their personality strengths and helped to ensure their personal success in the company.”

Kathy Till
Director of Training

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secuirtybankFounded in 1928, Security State Bank (SSB) is one of the oldest banking institutions in West Texas. SSB has experienced especial growth in the last twenty years, as it has added seven new locations to its family of branches. The firm’s implementation of the Predictive Index® has ensured strong job fit, ultimately reducing turnover by 75 percent.

“PI provides us the tools we need to match the right person to a position. When we do that, we keep those people longer and we treat our customers better. When you have happier customers, you are selling more and making more.”

“We’ve used PI as our tool to put those service teams together and those teams work better together; they finish cars faster. Our customer satisfaction scores at those dealerships have gone up AND stabilized.”

Jim Smitherman

“We’ve used PI as our tool to put those service teams together and those teams work better together; they finish cars faster. Our customer satisfaction scores at those dealerships have gone up AND stabilized.”

Kay Hargrove
Director of Human Resources

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sapHeadquartered in Walldorf, Germany, with locations in more than 130 countries, SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise software and software-related services.

“PI is used extensively in Inside Sales during the recruiting phase to ensure the candidates have the DNA to be successful in their roles at SAP. Post-recruiting, one of the hidden values for Inside Sales centers around leadership and employee alignment. PI is used during organizational builds to align the staff with their prospective leaders based on PI profiles, so that we get the best leadership alignment for our teams.”

Shawn Robertson
Global Vice President,
Global Inside Sales – Optimization and Innovation
SAP AG, Inc.

“North America hiring managers are using PI to recruit sales talent — both tenured and Early Talent — to compare candidates against the desired ‘Challenger’ selling profile. PI results are used to support sales managers and their teams, to increase collaboration and understanding among the team, provide highly targeted and more effective coaching and support, and to enable more data-driven succession planning.”

Rebecca Sherrill
Vice President
GCO University North America
SAP America, Inc.

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