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2014 HCI Global Talent Management Forum

November 17-18, 2014  at the Westin Beach Resort & Spa in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Join Nancy Martini, President and CEO, PI Worldwide and Debbie Slocum, Director of Human Resources, Husqvarna Construction Products for their session on Monday, November 17.

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Talent Development

September 25, 2014
2 p.m. EDT

Organizational leadership that motivates and drives staff performance does not happen by accident; it requires knowing how to identify and develop top talent into leaders of today, and tomorrow. Whether it is coaching an employee to meet their individual goals, succession planning to ensure long-term success or team building to create trust and improve internal communication, gaining insight into your leaders’ natural behaviors and styles can help you groom, engage and retain the talent needed to achieve your organization’s goals.

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Growth Strategy

December 11, 2014
2 p.m. EST

Having the right people on board is fundamental for strategic business growth, and no growth strategy can be complete without identifying the talent requirements necessary to meet the organization’s future goals. You need to have a clear map of the existing talent in your organization and your future workforce requirements.

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More Tech Companies Use Behavioral Tests in Hiring

Posted on Aug 25, 2014 | 0 comments







August 25, 2014
By Myra Thomas

A growing number of tech companies are using behavioral tests as part of their hiring process, hoping they’ll help them identify the “right” workers for each position. And while candidates aren’t going to be thrilled by having to navigate an additional

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What Organizations Need Now From Human Resources

Posted on Aug 18, 2014 | 0 comments






August 18, 2014
By Louis Efron

The job of Human Resources today is to make people and organizations grow, yet it has only marginally evolved since its inception around the end of the nineteenth century. Starting as “Personnel,” to protect women and girls in industrial environments, it gradually

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Six tips for better hiring

Posted on Jul 28, 2014 | 0 comments






July 28, 2014
By Staff

International talent management experts estimate that the average cost of a poor hiring decision is 30% or more of that hire’s first year’s probable earnings, reports PI Worldwide.

That could result in costs upwards of $50,000 if you’re replacing a senior executive, adds

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